Psalm 109:1
am 2942, bc 1062 - Title It is generally supposed that this Psalm was composed by David, when persecuted by Saul, who was rendered more implacable by the base and malicious calumnies of Doeg and others; though some are of opinion, that it was written when David fled from Absalom, and that Ahithophel, rather than Doeg, is the typical person against whom it is principally directed. Hold: Psa 28:1, Psa 35:22, Psa 35:23, Psa 83:1, Isa 42:14 O God: Psa 118:28, Exo 15:2, Deu 10:21, Jer 17:14 Reciprocal: Psa 50:21 - I kept Psa 120:2 - from lying lips