2 Chronicles 8:18
1Ki 9:27-28, 1Ki 10:22, Hiram Huram: 2Ch 9:10, 2Ch 9:13 Ophir: Conjectures respecting the situation of Ophir are endless. Grotius conjectures it to be a part of Arabia called Aphar by Arrian; while Bochart and others have placed it in the island of Ceylon. Calmet supposes it to have been situated in Armenia; but his late editor places it at the head of the Indus. Josephus says that Ophir is the Indies, called the Gold country; by which he is supposed to mean Chersonesus Aurea, now Malacca, opposite Sumatra; and Lev. Poivre observes that the inhabitants of these places call their gold mines ophirs. took thence: Ecc 2:8 Reciprocal: 1Ki 10:11 - from Ophir