2 Chronicles 32:4
who stopped: This was prudently done; for, without water, how could an immense army subsist in ar arid country? No doubt the Assyrian army suffered much through this; as a Christian army did, through the same cause, 1,800 years afterwards. the brook: 2Ch 32:30, 2Ch 30:14 ran through the midst of: Heb. overflowed kings: The Septuagint, Syriac, and Arabic read king, in the singular number. 2Ch 32:1, 2Ki 18:9, 2Ki 18:13, 2Ki 19:17, Isa 10:8 find: 1Ki 3:9, 1Ki 3:16, 1Ki 3:17, 1Ki 19:21 Reciprocal: 2Ki 3:25 - stopped 2Ki 20:20 - he made a pool Nah 3:14 - Draw