2 Chronicles 3:3
am 2993-3000, bc 1011-1004 Solomon: 1Ch 28:11-19 instructed: Heb. founded The length: 1Ki 6:2, 1Ki 6:3 the first measure: It is supposed, with much probability, that the first measure means the cubit used in the time of Moses, contradistinguished from that used in Babylon, and which the Israelites used after their return from captivity: and, as these Books were written after the captivity, it was necessary for the writer to make this remark, lest it should be thought that the measurement was by the Babylonish cubit, which was a palm or one-sixth shorter than the cubit of Moses; which may serve to reconcile some variations in the historical books, with respect to numbers when applied to measures. Reciprocal: Ezr 6:3 - the height Eze 41:2 - the length