2 Chronicles 24:22
remembered: Psa 109:4, Luk 17:15-18, Joh 10:32 but slew his son: Pro 17:13 The Lord: These words were prophetic, and not imprecatory; and should be rendered as Houbigant proposes, in the future tense: "The Lord will look upon it, and avenge it." The event soon verified this prediction; for, before the year was expired, the Syrians came up against Jerusalem, and destroyed all the princes of the people, and Joash himself was slain in his bed by his own servants. Many circumstances served to aggravate this barbarous act. Zechariah was a high-priest and a prophet, upright and unblameable in the discharge of his high offices; this murder was perpetrated within the very precincts of the courts of the Lord; and this truly good man was by blood the nearest relative of Joash, and the son of the man who had save him from being murdered, and raised him to the throne! Gen 9:5, Jer 11:20, Jer 26:14, Jer 26:15, Luk 11:51, 2Ti 4:14, 2Ti 4:16, Rev 6:9-11, Rev 18:20, Rev 19:2 and require it: Psa 10:14, Jer 51:56 Reciprocal: Gen 16:5 - the Lord Gen 42:22 - his blood Exo 20:13 - General Jos 22:23 - let the Lord 1Sa 24:15 - be judge 2Ch 24:25 - for the blood Psa 10:13 - Thou Pro 25:26 - General Pro 27:10 - own Pro 30:10 - lest Ecc 7:15 - there is a just Jer 20:12 - let me Mat 21:35 - General Mat 23:37 - thou Luk 13:34 - killest