2 Chronicles 10:8
he forsook: 2Ch 25:15, 2Ch 25:16, 2Sa 17:14, Pro 1:25, Pro 9:9, Pro 19:20, Pro 25:12, Ecc 10:2, Ecc 10:3, Ecc 10:16, Isa 30:1 the young men: It was a custom in different countries to educate with the heir to the throne, young noblemen of nearly the same age. This, as Calmet observes, answered two great and important ends: 1. It excited the prince to emulation; that he might, as far as possible, surpass in all manly exercises, and in all acts of prudence and virtue, those whom one day he was to surpass in the elevation and dignity of his station. 2. That he might acquire a correct knowledge of the disposition and views of those who were likely to be, under him, the highest officers of the state, and consequently know the better how to trust and employ them. Reciprocal: 1Ki 12:8 - General 2Ch 10:13 - forsook 2Ch 11:23 - he dealt 2Ch 24:17 - the princes of Judah