2 Chronicles 1:11
Because: This does not occur in Kings, and it implies that the request of Solomon, as arising from a spiritual judgment and heart, was peculiarly acceptable to that God who searches, regards, and demands the heart. God promised Solomon all the things which he had not asked, except the life of his enemies; for he was to be a peaceable king, a type of the Prince of peace. this was: 1Sa 16:7, 1Ki 3:11-13, 1Ki 8:18, 1Ch 28:2, 1Ch 29:17, 1Ch 29:18, Pro 23:7, Act 5:4, Heb 4:12 that thou mayest: 1Ki 3:28, Pro 14:8, Jam 3:13, Jam 3:17 Reciprocal: 1Ki 3:12 - I have given 2Ch 18:1 - riches Pro 3:14 - General Ecc 6:2 - a man Jam 1:17 - good