1 Chronicles 23:29
for the showbread: It was the priests' office to place this bread before the Lord; and it was their privilege to feed on the old loaves when they were replaced by the new. 1Ch 9:31, 1Ch 9:32, Exo 25:30, Lev 24:5-9, 1Ki 7:48, 2Ch 13:11, 2Ch 29:18, Neh 10:33, Mat 12:4, Heb 9:2 the fine flour: 1Ch 9:29-34, Lev 6:20-23 unleavened: Lev 2:4-7, Lev 7:9 pan: or, flat plate for all manner of measure: The standards of all weights and measures were in the sanctuary; and therefore the Levites had the inspection of weights and measures of every kind, that no fraud might in this way be committed. Honesty is inseparably connected with piety; and hence the Levites, being sufficiently numerous, were employed to superintend the former, as well as the latter. Lev 19:35, Lev 19:36, Num 3:50 Reciprocal: Lev 24:8 - General