2 Kings 20:7
Take a lump: 2Ki 2:20-22, 2Ki 4:41, Isa 38:21 the boil: The word shechin, from the Arabic sachana, to be hot, signifies an inflammatory tumour, or burning boil; and some think that Hezekiah's malady was a pleurisy; others, that it was the plague; and others, the elephantiasis, a species of leprosy, as one of the Hexapla versions renders in Job 2:7. A poultice of figs might be very proper to maturate a boil, or dismiss any obstinate inflammatory swelling; but we need not discuss its propriety in this case, because it was as much the means which God chose to bless for his recovery, as the clay which Christ moistened to anoint the eyes of the blind man; for in both cases, without Divine interposition the cure could not have been effected. Reciprocal: Lev 13:18 - a boil 2Ki 20:5 - I will heal Heb 11:34 - out of Rev 13:14 - they