1 Kings 22:15
shall we go: 1Ki 22:6 Go and prosper: This was strong irony; they were the precise words of the false prophets; but were spoken by Micaiah in such a tone and manner as at once shewed Ahab that he did not believe, but ridiculed these words of uncertainty. The reply of the Delphian oracle to Crosesus was as ambiguous as that returned to Pyrrhus, Croesus Halym penetrans magnam pervertet opum vim, "If Croesus crosses the Halys, he will overthrow a great empire." This he understood of the empire of Cyrus; the event proved it to be his own: he was deluded, yet the oracle maintained its credit. 1Ki 18:27, Jdg 10:14, 2Ki 3:13, 2Ch 18:14, Ecc 11:9, Mat 26:45 Reciprocal: Jdg 1:4 - Lord Jdg 18:6 - Go in peace 1Sa 14:37 - Shall I go 2Sa 5:19 - And the Lord 2Ki 8:10 - Thou mayest 1Ch 14:10 - Go up Eze 20:1 - that certain Mar 14:41 - Sleep