2 Samuel 18:9
his head: Riding furiously under the thick boughs of a great oak, which hung low and had never been cropped, either the twisted branches, or some low forked bough of the tree, caught him by the neck, or, as some think, by the loops into which his long hair had been pinned, which had been so much his pride, and was now justly made a halter for him. He may have hung so low from the bough, in consequence of the length of his hair, that he could not use his hands to help himself, or so entangled that his hands were bound, so that the more he struggled the more he was embarrassed. This set him up as a fair mark to the servants of David; and although David would have spared his rebellious son, if his orders had been executed, yet he could not turn the sword of Divine justice, in executing the just, righteous sentence of death on this traitorous son. 2Sa 18:14, 2Sa 14:26, 2Sa 17:23, Mat 27:5 taken up: Deu 21:23, Deu 27:16, Deu 27:20, Job 18:8-10, Job 31:3, Psa 63:9, Psa 63:10, Pro 20:20, Pro 30:17, Jer 48:44, Mar 7:10, Gal 3:13 Reciprocal: Gen 36:24 - found Lev 19:19 - thy cattle gender 2Sa 3:3 - Absalom 2Sa 13:29 - mule Psa 55:15 - Let death Eze 17:20 - I will spread Joh 12:32 - if