2 Samuel 18:17
laid: This was the ancient method of burying, whether heroes or traitors; the heap of stones being designed to perpetuate the memory of the event, whether good or bad. The Arabs in general make use of no other monument than a heap of stones over a grave. Thus, in an Arabic poem, it is related, that Hatim the father, and Adi the grandfather of Kais, having been murdered, at a time before Kais was capable of reflection, his mother kept it a profound secret; and in order to guard him against having any suspicion, she collected a parcel of stone on two hillocks in the neighbourhood, and told her son that the one was the grave of his father, and the other of his grandfather. The ancient cairns in Ireland and Scotland, and the tumuli in England, are of this kind. Jos 7:26, Jos 8:29, Jos 10:27, Pro 10:7, Jer 22:18, Jer 22:19 Reciprocal: Gen 31:46 - Gather Gen 35:20 - the pillar 2Ki 14:12 - they fled Psa 119:96 - I have seen Ecc 3:5 - to cast Act 5:6 - General