Assemblies of God

Equal Honour to the Father and to the Son

Wherefore, since the Father has delivered all judgement unto the Son, it is not only the express duty of all in heaven and on earth to bow the knee, but it is an unspeakable joy in the Holy Ghost to ascribe unto the Son all the attributes of Deity, and to give Him all honour and the glory contained in all the names and titles of the Godhead except those which express relationship (see Distinction and Relationship in the Godhead, Unity of the One Being of Father, Son and Holy Ghost , and Identity and Co-operation in the Godhead) and thus honour the Son even as we honour the Father.

John 5:22,23 [KJV/NIV]
1 Peter 1:8 [KJV/NIV]
Revelation 5:6-14 [KJV/NIV]
Philippians 2:8,9 [KJV/NIV]
Revelation 7:9-10 [KJV/NIV]
Revelation 4:8-11 [KJV/NIV]

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