Biblical People
Hur (hur). [Heb. Chur, "whiteness," but for Hur, 1, and Hur, 2, the meaning is possibly "(the Egyptian god) Horus." The name occurs also on an ancient Hebrew seal, and is found in Akkadian as Huru, "child."]

1. One of Moses' trusted companions who, with Aaron, held up Moses' arms during the battle with the Amalekites (Ex 17:10-13). He was associated with Aaron in the administration of the people at Mount Sinai (ch 24:14). Jewish tradition makes him the husband of Miriam and brother-in-law of Moses (Jos. Ant. iii. 2. 4). He is possibly to be identified with Hur, 2.

2. Grandfather of the artist Bezalel of the tribe of Judah (Ex 31:1, 2; 35:30-33; 38:22; 1 Chr 2:20; 2 Chr 1:5). He is possibly identical with Hur, 1.

3. A king of Midian, slain by Moses (Num 31:8; Jos 13:21).

4. Father of Solomon's supply officer in Mount Ephraim (1 Ki 4:8). The son is called Ben-hur (ben-hur) in the RSV.

5. A Jew whose son, Rephaiah, was ruler of half of Jerusalem and one of the builders of the wall in Nehemiah's time (Neh 3:9) -- Seventh-day Adventist Bible Dictionary.

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