Biblical People
Abigail (abi-gal), RSV once Abigal (a¬b'ž-ga¬l). [Heb. Abigayil and Abégal, probably “my father rejoices.”]

1.   The wife of Nabal, a wealthy shepherd at Carmel in southern Judah, a beautiful and prudent woman who after Nabal's death became David's wife (1 Sa 25:2-42). She accompanied David to Gath (ch 27:3), to Ziklag (ch 30:5), and to Hebron (2 Sa 2:2). She bore him Chileab, a son (ch 3:3), also called Daniel (1 Chr 3:1).

2.   A sister, most likely a half sister, of David, and mother of Amasa (1 Chr 2:16; 2 Sa 17:25).

Horn, Siegfried H., Seventh-day Adventist Bible Dictionary, (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Publishing Association) 1979.

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