Psalms in Metre
   1  In God the Lord I put my trust;
         why say ye to my soul,
      Unto the mountain swiftly fly,
         as doth the wing-ed fowl?
   2  Behold, the wick-ed bend their bows
         their arrows they prepare,
      To shoot in secret at those, who
         sincere and upright are.
   3  Of worldly hope all stays were shrunk,
         and clearly brought to naught:
      Alas! The just and upright man,
         what evil hath he wrought?
   4  But he that in his temple is
         most holy and most high,
      And in the highest heav'ns doth sit
         in royal majesty,
   5  The poor and simple man's estate
         considers in his mind,
      And searcheth out full narrowly
         the manners of mankind;
   6  And with a cheerful countenance
         the righteous man will use,
      But in his heart he doth abhor
         all such as mischief muse.
   7  And on the sinners casteth snares
         as thick as hail or rain:
      Brimstone and fire, and whirlwinds great,
         appointed for their pain.
   8  Ye see then how a righteous God
         doth righteousness embrace,
      And unto just and upright men
         shows forth his pleasant face.

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