Psalms in Metre

   1  Lord, keep me, for I trust in thee,
         and do confess indeed,
      Thou art my God, and of my goods
         Thou hast not any need:
   2  Therefore I give them to the saints
         that in the world do dwell;
      Namely, unto the faithful flock
         in virtue that excel.
   3  Their sorrows shall be multiplied,
         who run so hastily,
      To offer to the idol gods,
         That are but vanity.
   4  As for their bloody sacrifice
         and off'rings of that sort,
      I will not touch, neither thereof
         shall my lips make report.
   5  For why? the Lord the portion is
         of mine inheritance;
      And he it is that doth preserve
         my lot from all mischance.
   6  The place wherein my lot is fall'n
         in beauty doth excel;
      My heritage assigned to me
         doth please me wond'rous well.
   7  I thank the Lord that caus-ed me
         to understand the right:
      For by this means my secret thoughts
         do teach me in the night.
   8  I set the Lord still in my sight,
         and trust him over all;
      For he doth stand on my right hand,
         therefore I shall not fall.
   9  Wherefore my heart and tongue also
         rejoice exceedingly;
      My flesh likewise doth rest in hope
         to rise again: for why?
  l0  Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell
         because thou lovest me;
      Nor yet wilt give thy Holy One
         corruption for to see:
  11  But wilt me show the way to life,
         where there is joy in store;
      And where at thy right hand there are
         pleasures for evermore.


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