Psalms in Metre
   1  O God our Lord, how wonderful
         are thy works ev'ry where!
      Thy fame surmounts in dignity
         the highest heav'ns that are.
   2  E'en by the mouth of sucking babes
         thou wilt confound thy foes;
      For in those babes thy might is seen
         thy graces they disclose.
   3  And when I see the heav'ns above,
         the work of thine own hand,
      The sun, the moon, and all the stars
         in order as they stand;
   4  Lord what is man, that thou of him
         tak'st such abundant care!
      Or what the son of man, whom thou
         to visit dost not spare!
   5  For thou hast made him little less
         than angels in degree;
      And thou hast also crowned him
         with glorious dignity.
   6  Thou hast preferred him to be lord
         of all thy works, and thou
      Hast in subjection unto him
         put all things here below.
   7  As sheep, and neat, and all beasts else
         that in the fields do feed,
      Fowls of the air, fish of the sea,
         and all that therein breed,
   8  O God our Lord, how excellent
         is thy most glorious Name
      In all the earth! Therefore do we
         praise and adore the same.

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