Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 WHO is this gigantic foe
That proudly stalks along,
Overlooks the crowd below,
In brazen armour strong?
Loudly of his strength he boasts,
On his sword and spear relies;
Meets the God of Israel's hosts,
And all their force defies.

2 Tallest of the earth-born race,
They tremble at his power,
Flee before the monster's face,
And own him conqueror.
Who this mighty champion is,
Nature answers from within;
He is my own wickedness,
My own besetting sin.

3 In the strength of Jesu's name,
I with the monster fight;
Feeble and unarmed I am,
But Jesus is my might;
Mindful of His mercies past,
Still I trust the same to prove,
Still my helpless soul I cast
On his redeeming love.

4 With my sling and stone I go
To fight the Philistine;
God hath said it shall be so,
And I shall conquer sin;
On his promise I rely,
Trust in an almighty Lord,
Sure to win the victory,
For he hath spoke the word.

5 In the strength of God I rise,
I run to meet my foe;
Faith the word of power applies,
And lays the giant low;
Faith in Jesu's conquering name
Slings the sin-destroying stone;
Points the word's unerring aim,
And brings the monster down.

6 Rise, ye men of Israel, rise,
Your routed foe pursue;
Shout his praises to the skies
Who conquers sin for you;
Jesus doth for you appear,
He his conquering grace affords,
Saves you, not with sword and spear,
The battle is the Lord's.

7 Every day the Lord of hosts
His mighty power displays;
Stills the proud Philistine's boast,
The threatening Gittite slays;
Israel's God let all below
Conqueror over sin proclaim;
O that all the earth might know
The power of Jesu's name!

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