Daniel and Revelation

O’er all the moral world, where, otherwise,
No light would come, or through its midnight gloom
No cheering ray appear, to dissipate
The darkness, God has set a guiding star—
A luminary bright —whose rays divine
Should pierce the night —the deep’ning shades dispel,
Which o’er the earth in sullen silence brood.
Nay, more, a ray of God’s own brightness, sent
Direct to man from off His radiant throne;
That those who gladly should the light receive,
And follow where it led, should here enjoy
A glorious foretaste of the bliss of Heaven.

It is God’s Holy Word, immutable,
Through life’s bewildering maze alone can guide
The wandering traveler to eternal rest.
Without it, man were lost —lost in the deep,
Dark labyrinth of dread uncertainty—
Where doubts distract, and fearful thoughts arise—
With nought his steps to lead, save the dim lamp
Of human reason, whose misguiding flame
Would serve to make the gloom still more profound,
The darkness deeper, and more keenly felt.
But ’twas not God’s design to leave man thus,
In error’s devious paths, to grope his way;
So, through His Sacred Word, His will revealed,
And pointed out the narrow path, that bright
And brighter shines, e’en to the perfect day.

(From the poem The Warning Voice of Time and Prophecy, by Uriah Smith.)

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