Psalms in Metre
   1  Sing ye unto the Lord our God
         a new rejoicing song,
      And let the praise of him be heard
         his holy saints among.
   2  Let Israel rejoice in God,
         and praises to him sing
      And let the seed of Zion be
         most joyful in their King:
   3  Let them sound praise with voice of lute
         unto his holy Name,
      And with the timbrel and the harp
         sing praises to the same.
   4  For why? the Lord his pleasure all
         hath in his people set,
      And by deliv'rance he will raise
         the meek to glory great.
   5  With glory and with honour now
         let all his saints rejoice;
      Aloud upon their beds also
         advance their singing voice.
   6  And in their mouths let be the high
         praises of God the Lord,
      And in their hands likewise a sharp
         and a two-edged sword,
   7  To plague the heathen, and correct
         the people with their hands;
      To bind their stately kings in chains,
         their lords in iron bands:
   8  To execute on them the doom
         that written was before:
      This honour all his saints shall have;
         Praise ye the Lord therefore.