Psalms in Metre
   1  My soul, praise thou the Lord always,
         my God I will confess;
      While breath and life prolong my days
         my tongue no time shall cease.
   2  Trust not in worldly princes then,
         though they abound in wealth;
      Nor in the sons of mortal men,
         in whom there is no health.
   3  For why? Their breath doth soon depart,
         to earth anon they fall,
      And then the counsels of their heart
         decay and perish all.
   4  Blessèd and happy are all they
         whom Jacob's God doth aid,
      And he whose hope doth not decay,
         but on the Lord is staid:
   5  Who made the earth and waters deep,
         the heav'ns most high withal;
      Who doth his word and promise keep
         in truth, and ever shall.
   6  With right always doth he proceed
         for such as suffer wrong,
      The poor and hungry he doth feed,
         and loose the fetters strong.
   7  The Lord doth send the blind their sight,
         the lame to limbs restore;
      He loveth all that are upright,
         and just men evermore:
   8  He doth defend the fatherless,
         and strangers sad in heart,
      He frees the widow from distress,
         and ill men's ways subvert,
   9  The Lord thy God eternally,
         O Zion, still shall reign,
      In time of all posterity
         for ever to remain.