Psalms in Metre
1  To sing the mercies of the Lord
       my tongue shall never spare
    My mouth from age to age accord
       thy truth for to declare: 
 2  For I have said, that mercy shall
       for evermore endure;
    Thy faithfulness in the heav'ns all
       is stablished firm and sure.
 3  With mine elect, saith God, have I
       a faithful cov'nant made,
    And sworn to David solemnly,
       having to him thus said;
 4  Thy seed for ever I will stay,
       and stablish it full fast,
    And still uphold thy throne alway
       from age to age to last.
 5  The heav'ns do show with joy and mirth
       thy wondrous works, O Lord;
    Thy saints within thy Church on earth
       thy faith and truth record.
 6  Who with the Lord is equal then
       in all the clouds abroad.;
    Among the sons of gods or men
       what one is like our God?
 7  God in the assembly of the saints
       is greatly to be dread,
    And over all that dwell about
       in rev'rence to be had.
 8  Lord God of hosts, in all the world
       what one is like to thee?
    On every side, most mighty Lord,
       thy truth is seen to be.
 9  The rage and fury of the sea
       thou rulest at thy will,
    And when the waves thereof arise,
       thou mak'st them calm and still:
10  And Egypt, Lord, thou hast subdued,
       thou hast destroyed it quite;
    Thy foes thou closely hast pursued,
       and scattered through thy might.
         The Second Part.
11  The heav'ns are thine, and still have been,
       likewise the earth and land,
    The world and all that is therein
       thou foundedst with thy hand:
12  Both north and south, with east and west,
       thyself didst make and frame:
    Both Tabor mount and Hermon hill
       rejoice and praise thy Name.
13  Thine arm is strong and full of pow'r,
       all might therein doth lie;
    The strength of thy right hand each hour
       thou liftest up on high:
14  In righteousness and equity
       thou hast thy seat and place;
    Mercy and truth are still with thee,
       and go before thy face,
15  That folk is blest that knoweth right
       the joyful sound, O God:
    For in the favour of thy sight
       They walk full safe abroad:
16  And in thy Name throughout the day
       they greatly do rejoice,
    And through thy righteousness have they
       a pleasant fame and noise.
17  For why? their glory, strength, and aid,
       in thee alone doth lie;
    And thy goodness which hath us staid,
       shall lift our horn on high.
18  Our strength that doth defend us well,
       the Lord to us doth bring;
    The Holy One of Israel
       he is our Guide and King.
19  Sometimes thy will to holy men
       in visions thou didst show,
    And thus didst say unto them then,
       thy mind to make them know.
20  A man of might I have erect
       your king and guide to be,
    And set him up whom I elect
       among the folk to me.
          The Third Part.
21  My servant David I appoint
       to rule my people well,
    And with my holy oil anoint
       him king of Israel.
22  For why? my hand is ready still
       with him for to remain,
    And with my arm also I will
       him strengthen and sustain:
23  The enemies shall not oppress,
       they shall not him devour,
    Nor shall the sons of wickedness
       on him have any pow'r:
24  His foes likewise I will destroy
       before his face in sight,
    Those that him hate I will annoy,
       and strike them with my might:
25  My truth and mercy shall likewise
       upon him ever lie;
    And in my Name his horn shall rise,
       and be exalted high:
26  His kingdom I will set to be :
       upon the sea and land;
    Also the running flood shall he
       embrace with his right hand:
27  He shall depend with all his heart
       on me and thus shall say,
    My Father and my God thou art,
       my rock, my health, and stay:
28  As my first born I will him count
       of all on earth that springs;
    His might and honour shall surmount
       above all earthly kings:
29  My mercy shall be with him still,
       as I myself have told,
    My faithful cov'nant to fulfil,
       my promise I will hold:
30  Also his seed I will sustain
       for ever strong and sure;
    So that his seed shall still reanaiu,
       while heav'n and earth endure. 
          The Fourth Part.
31  But if his sons forsake my law,
       and so begin to swerve,
    And of my judgements have no awe,
       and will not them observe;
32  Or if they do not use aright
       my laws for them prepared;
    But set all my commandments flight,
       and will not them regard: 
33  Then with the rod will I begin
       their doing to amend,
    and so will scourge them for their sin,
       whenever they offend.
34  But yet my mercy and goodness
       I will not take away
    From him, nor let my faithfulness
       in any wise decay: 
35  But sure my cov'nant I will hold,
       with all that I have spoke:
    No word the which my lips have
       shall alter or be broke.
36  Once sware I by my holiness,
       and that perform will I;
    With David I will promise keep,
       to him I will not lie:
37  His seed for evermore shall reign,
       also his throne of might,
    As doth the sum it shall remain
       for ever in my sight.
38  And as the moon within the sky
       for ever standeth fast,
    A faithful witness from on high;
       so shall his kingdom last.
39  But, Lord, thou dost him now reject,
       and put him in great fear;
    Yea, thou art wroth with thine elect,
       thine own anointed dear.
40  The cov'nant with thy servant made,
       thou hast quite overthrown,
    And down upon the ground hast laid
       and cast his royal crown.
          The Fifth Part.
41  His hedges thou hast overthrown,
       his walls destroyed quite round;
    All his strong holds hast beaten down,
       and leveled with the ground:
42  That he is sore destroyed and torn
       of comers-by throughout,
    And so is made a mock and scorn
       to all that dwell about:
43  Thou their right hand hast armed with pow'r,
       that him so sore annoy;
    And all his foes that him devour,
       1o, thou hast made to joy:
44  His sword's edge thou dost take away
       that should his foes withstand;
    To him in war no victory
       thou giv'st, nor upper hand:
45  His glory thou dost also waste,
       his throne, his joy, and mirth,
    thee is overthrown and cast
       full low upon the earth:
46  Thou hast cut off, and made full short
       his youth and joyful days,
    And raised of him an ill report,
       to his shame and dispraise.
47  How long away from me therefore,
       for ever wilt thou turn ?
    And shall thine anger evermore
       like fire consume and burn?
48  O call to mind, remember then,
       my time consumeth fast:
    Why hast thou made the sons of men
       as things in vain to waste?
49  What man is he that liveth, and
       death never thinks to see?
    Or from the grave's devouring hand
       shall he his soul set free?
50  Where is, O Lord, thy great goodness,
       so oft declared before,
    Which by thy truth and uprightness
       to David thou hast swore?
51  The great rebukes to mind I call,
       that on thy servants lie,
    The railings of the people all,
       borne in my breast have I;
52  Wherewith, O Lord, thine enemies
       blasphem-ed have thy Name;
    The steps of thine anointed one
       they cease not to defame.
53  All praise be given unto thee,
       O God, the Lord most high,
    From this time forth for evermore,
       Amen, Amen, say I.