Psalms in Metre
  1  To all that now in Judah dwell
        the Lord is clearly known,
     His Name is great in Israel,
        a people of his own:
  2  At Salem he hath pitched his tent
        to tarry there a space,
     In Zion also he is bent
        to fix a dwelling place.
  3  And there he brake both shaft and bow,
        the sword, the Spear, and shield,
     His enemies did overthrow
        in battle in the field.
  4  Thou art most worthy honour, Lord,
        more might in thee doth lie,
     Than in the strongest of the world,
        that rob on mountains high.
  5  But now the proud are spoiled through thee,
        and they are fall'n asleep;
     Through men of war no help can be,
        themselves they could not keep.
  6  At thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,
        when thou didst them reprove,
     As half asleep their chariots stood,
        no horseman once did move.
  7  For thou art dreadful, Lord, indeed,
        what man the courage hath
     T'abide thy sight, and doth not dread
        when thou art in thy wrath.
  8  When thou dost make thy judgements heard ?
        from heav'n unto the ground,
     Then all the earth, full sore afraid,
        in silence shall be found.
  9  And that when thou, O God, dost stand
        in judgement for to speak,
     To save th'afflicted of the land,
        that feeble are and weak.
 10  The fury that in man doth reign,
        shall turn unto thy praise:
     Hereafter, Lord, do thou restrain
        their wrath and threats always.
 l1  Make vows, and pay them to our God,
        ye folk that nigh him be;
     Bring gifts, all ye that dwell abroad,
        for dreadful sure is he:
 12  For he doth take both life and might
        from princes great of birth;
     And full of terror is his sight
        to all the kings on earth.