Psalms in Metre
   1  Lord, be my judge, and thou shalt see
         my paths be right and plain:
      I trust in God, and hope that he
         with strength will me sustain.
   2  Prove me, my God, I thee desire,
         my ways to search and try;
      As men do prove their gold with fire,
         my heart and reins espy.
   3  Thy loving-kindness in my sight
         I do behold always:
      I ever walked in thy truth,
         and will do all my days.
   4  I do not love to haunt or use
         with men whose deeds are vain;
      To come in house I do refuse
         with the deceitful train.
   5  I much abhor the wicked sort,
         their deeds I do despise;
      I do not once to them resort
         that hurtful things devise.
   6  My hands I wash, and do proceed
         in works to walk upright:
      Then to thy altar I make speed,
         to offer there in sight;
   7  That I may speak and preach the praise
         that doth belong to thee;
      And so declare how wond'rous ways
         thou hast been good to me.
   8  O God, thy house I love most dear,
         to me it doth excel;
      My chief delight is to be near
         the place where thou dost dwell.
   9  O shut not up my soul with them
         in sin that take their fill,
      Nor yet my life among those men
         that seek much blood to spill:
  10  For in their hands much mischief is,
         their lives therewith abound;
      And nothing else in their right hand
         but bribes are to be found.
  11  But I resolve in righteousness
         my time and days to spend:
      Therefore that I may not transgress,
         let thy grace me defend.
  12  My foot is stayed for all assays,
         it standeth well and right:
      Therefore to God will I give praise
         in all the people's sight.