Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 SAVIOUR, let thy sanction rest
On the union witnessed now;
Be it with thy presence blessed,
Ratify the nuptial vow:
Hallowed let this union be,
With each other, and with thee.

2 Thou in Cana didst appear
At a marriage-feast like this;
Deign to meet us, Saviour, here,
Fountain of unmingled bliss!
Crown with joy this festive board,
Joy that earth cannot afford.

3 We no miracle require,
Turning water into wine;
All our panting hearts desire
Is to taste thy love divine:
Holy influence from above,
Consecrating earthly love.

4 Let the path our friends pursue,
From this hour together trod,
Many though its days, or few,
Be a pilgrimage to God;
To the land where rest is given,
To thy house, O Lord, in heaven.