Methodist Hymnal (1876)
l O MY offended God,
If now at last I see
That I have trampled on thy blood,
And done despite to thee,
If I begin to wake
Out of my deadly sleep,
Into thy arms of mercy take,
And there for ever keep.

2 No other right have I
Than what the world may claim;
All, all may to their God draw nigh
Through faith in Jesu's name;
Thou all the debt hast paid;
This is my only plea,
The covenant God in thee hath made,
With all mankind and me.

3 Thou hast obtained the grace
That all may turn and live;
And lo! thy offer I embrace,
Thy mercy I receive:
Whene'er the wicked man
Turns from his sin to thee,
His late repentance is not vain,
He shall accepted be.

4 Thy death hath bought the power
For every sinful soul,
That all may know their gracious hour,
And be by faith made whole:
Thou hast for sinners died,
That all might come to God;
The covenant thou hast ratified,
And sealed it with thy blood.

5 He that believes in thee,
And doth till death endure,
He shall be saved eternally;
The covenant is sure:
The mountains shall give place,
Thy covenant cannot move,
The covenant of thy general grace,
Thy all-redeeming love.