Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 O GOD, to whom, in flesh revealed,
The helpless all for succour came,
The sick to be relieved and healed,
And found salvation in thy name;

2 With publicans and harlots, I,
In these thy Spirit's gospel-days,
To thee, the sinner's friend, draw nigh,
And humbly sue for saving grace.

3 Thou seest me helpless and distrest,
Feeble, and faint, and blind, and poor,
Weary, I come to thee for rest,
And sick of sin, implore a cure.

4 My sin's incurable disease
Thou, Jesus, thou alone, canst heal,
Inspire me with thy power and peace,
And pardon on my conscience seal.

5 A touch, a word, a look from thee,
Can turn my heart, and make it clean,
Purge the foul, inbred leprosy,
And save me from my bosom sin.

6 Lord, if thou wilt, I do believe
Thou canst the saving grace impart,
Thou canst this instant now forgive,
And stamp thine image on my heart.

7 My heart, which now to thee I raise;
I know thou canst this moment cleanse,
The deepest stains of sin efface,
And drive the evil spirit hence.

8 Be it according to thy word,
Accomplish now thy work in me;
And let my soul, to health restored,
Devote its little all to thee.