Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HAIL, God the Son, in glory crowned,
Ere time began to be;
Throned with thy Sire, through half the round
Of vast eternity!

2 Let heaven and earth's stupendous frame
Display their Author's power;
And each exalted seraph-flame,
Creator, thee adore.

3 Thy wondrous love the Godhead showed
Contracted to a span, -
The co-eternal Son of God,
The mortal Son of man.

4 To save us from our lost estate,
Behold his life-blood stream:
Hail, Lord, almighty to create,
Almighty to redeem!

5 The Mediator's God-like sway
His church below sustains:
Till nature shall her Judge survey,
The King Messiah reigns.

6 Hail, with essential glory crowned,
When time shall cease to be;
Throned with thy Father, through the round
Of whole eternity!