Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 GREAT God! to me the sight afford
To him of old allowed;
And let my faith behold its Lord
Descending in a cloud.

2 In that revealing Spirit come down,
Thine attributes proclaim,
And to my inmost soul make known
The glories of thy name.

3 Jehovah, Christ, I thee adore,
Who gav'st my soul to be!
Fountain of being, and of power,
And great in majesty.

4 The Lord, the mighty God, thou art;
But let me rather prove
That name in-spoken to my heart,
That favourite name of Love.

5 Merciful God, thyself proclaim
In this polluted breast;
Mercy is thy distinguished name,
Which suits a sinner best.

6 Our misery doth for pity call,
Our sin implores thy grace;
An and thou art merciful to all
Our lost, apostate race.

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