Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 GOOD thou art, and good thou dost,
Thy mercies reach to all,
Chiefly those who on thee trust,
And for thy mercy call;
New they every morning are;
As fathers when their children cry,
Us thou dost in pity spare,
And all our wants supply.

2 Mercy o'er thy works presides;
Thy providence displayed
Still preserves, and still provide
For all thy hands have made;
Keeps with most distinguished care
The man who on thy love depends;
Watches every numbered hair,
And all his steps attends.

3 Who can sound the depths unknown
Of thy redeeming grace?
Grace that gave thine only Son
To save a ruined race!
Millions of transgressors poor
Thou hast for Jesu's sake forgiven,
Made them of thy favour sure,
And snatched from hell to heaven.

4 Millions more thou ready art
To save, and to forgive;
Every soul and every heart
Of man thou wouldst receive:
Father, now accept of mine,
Which now, through Christ, I offer thee;
Tell me now, in love divine,
That thou hast pardoned me!