Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 FROM trials unexempted
Thy dearest children are;
But let us not be tempted
Above what we can bear;
Exposed to no temptation
That may our souls o'erpower,
Be thou our strong salvation
Through every fiery hour.

2 Ah! leave us not to venture
Within the verge of sin;
Or if the snare we enter,
Thy timely help bring in;
And if thy wisdom try us
Till pain and woe are past,
Almighty Love, stand by us,
And save from first to last!

3 Fain would we cease from sinning
In thought and word and deed,
From sin in its beginning
We languish to be freed;
From every base desire,
Our fallen nature's shame,
Jesus, we dare require
Deliverance in thy name.

4 For every sinful action
Thou hast atonement made,
The rigid satisfaction
Thy precious blood has paid:
But take entire possession;
To make an end of sin,
To finish the transgression,
Most holy God, come in!

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