The Sabbath

In our busy world, stress is looming larger and larger as a major factor in so many aspects of our lives. More and more we are learning that to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health, we must have periodic reprieve from the pressures of Twentieth Century living. We must have rest from our labours, be they physical or mental.

Millennia ago, our all-wise Creator and Designer built into His plan for mankind a day of rest and rejuvenation, a day of ceasing from work, a day of freedom from the burdens of physical life. That day is the Sabbath - a foretaste of the peace and joy of eternal life, available through Jesus, the Messiah.

Our prayer is that you will read this book with a mind that is open to the truth of God's Word, and with a heart that desires to taste the blessings that flow to those who embrace the truth of the Sabbath.

Richard A Wiedenheft Daniel W. Porter January, 1988