Deuteronomy 5:26
who is: It seems to have been a general opinion, that if God appeared to men, it was for the purpose of destroying them. And indeed most of the extraordinary manifestations of God were in the way of judgment; but here it was widely different. God did appear in a sovereign and extraordinary manner; but it was for the instruction, direction, deliverance, and support of his people. 1. They heard this voice speaking with them in a distinct, articulate manner. 2. They saw the fire, the symbol of his presence, the appearances of which demonstrated it to be supernatural. 3. Notwithstanding God appeared so terrible, yet no person was destroyed; for he came not to destroy but to save. Deu 4:33 all flesh: Gen 6:12, Isa 40:6, Rom 3:20 living: Jos 3:10, Psa 42:2, Psa 84:2, Jer 10:10, Dan 6:26, Mat 26:63, Act 14:15, 2Co 6:16, 1Th 1:9 Reciprocal: Exo 25:22 - and I will Deu 4:7 - who hath Jdg 6:22 - because Jdg 13:22 - We shall 1Sa 17:26 - defy Jer 23:36 - of the Jer 42:3 - General Mat 16:16 - the living 1Ti 3:15 - the living Heb 9:14 - the living Heb 12:22 - of the Rev 7:2 - living