Deuteronomy 1:1
on this: Num 32:5, Num 32:19, Num 32:32, Num 34:15, Num 35:14, Jos 9:1, Jos 9:10, Jos 22:4, Jos 22:7 Red Sea: or, Zuph, Or rather, Suph, This could not have been the Red Sea, not only because the word yam, "sea," is not joined with it as usual, but because they were now east of Jordan, and farther from the Red Sea than ever. It seems to be the same which is called Suphah in Num 21:14, which must necessarily signify some place in or adjoining to the plains of Moab, and not far from the Jordan and Arnon. Ptolemy mentions a people called Sophonites that dwelt in Arabia Petrea, who may have taken their name from this place. Paran: Paran, Tophel, Laban, Hazeroth, and Dizahab, seem to have been either places or cities not far from the plains of Moab; for it is evident that Paran and Hazeroth could not have been those near the Red sea, and not far from Horeb. Deu 33:2, Gen 21:21, Num 10:12, Num 12:16, Num 13:3, Num 13:26, 1Sa 25:1, Hab 3:3 Hazeroth: Num 11:35, Num 33:17, Num 33:18 Reciprocal: Gen 48:21 - God Gen 50:10 - beyond Num 33:21 - Libnah Deu 5:1 - all Israel Deu 11:29 - General 1Ki 11:18 - Paran