Acts 7:16
were: Of the two burying-places of the patriarchs, one was at Hebron, the cave and field which Abraham purchased of Ephron the Hittite (Gen 23:16, etc.); the other in Sychem, which Jacob (not Abraham) bought of the sons of Emmor (Gen 33:19). To remove this glaring discrepancy, Markland interprets παρα [Strong's G3844], from, as it frequently signifies with a genitive, and renders, "And were carried over to Sychem; and afterwards from among the descendants of Emmor, the father, or son, of Sychem, they were laid in the sepulchre which Abraham bought for a sum of money." This agrees with the account which Josephus gives of the patriarchs; that they were carried out of Egypt, first to Sychem, and then to Hebron, where they were buried. Exo 13:19, Jos 24:32 the sepulchre: Gen 33:9-20, Gen 35:19, Gen 49:29-32 Emmor: Gen 34:2-31, Hamor, Shechem Reciprocal: Gen 12:6 - Sichem Gen 23:17 - the field Gen 33:18 - Shalem Gen 47:29 - bury me not Gen 49:31 - General Gen 50:12 - General Gen 50:25 - and ye 1Ki 12:1 - Shechem Heb 11:22 - faith