Acts 19:29
the whole: Act 19:32, Act 17:8, Act 21:30, Act 21:38 Gaius: Rom 16:23, 1Co 1:14 Aristarchus: Act 20:4, Act 27:2, Col 4:10, Phm 1:24 Macedonia: Macedonia, an extensive province of Greece, was bounded on the north by the mountains of Haemus, on the south by Epirus and Achaia, on the east by the Aegean sea and Thrace, and on the west by the Adriatic sea; celebrated in all histories as being the third kingdom which, under Alexander the Great, obtained the empire of the world, and had under it 150 nations. the theatre: 1Co 4:9,*Gr. Reciprocal: Eph 4:31 - clamour Jam 3:16 - there 3Jo 1:1 - the wellbeloved