John 12:3
took: Joh 11:2, Joh 11:28, Joh 11:32, Mat 26:6, Mat 26:7-13, Mar 14:3-9, Luk 10:38, Luk 10:39 ointment: Psa 132:2, Son 1:12, Son 4:10, Son 4:13, Son 4:14 spikenard: Spikenard is a highly a romatic plant growing in India, whence was made a very valuable unguent or perfume, used at the ancient baths and feasts. It is identified by Sir W. Jones with the sumbul of the Persians and Arabs, and jatamansi of the Hindoos; and he considers it a species of the valerian, of the triandria monogynia class of plants. The root is from three to twelve inches long, fibrous, sending up above the earth between thirty and forty ears or spikes, from which it has its name; stem, lower part perennial, upper part herbaceous, sub-erect, simple, from six to twelve inches long; leaves entire, smooth, fourfold, the inner radical pair petioled and cordate, the rest sessile and lanceolate; pericarp, a single seed crowned with a pappus. anointed: Mar 14:3, Luk 7:37, Luk 7:38, Luk 7:46 filled: Son 1:3 Reciprocal: Exo 30:35 - perfume Psa 133:2 - It is like Pro 27:9 - Ointment Pro 27:16 - the ointment Amo 6:6 - chief Mat 28:9 - and held Phi 4:18 - an Rev 18:13 - cinnamon