Mark 16:2
Mr. West supposes that the women made two different visits to the sepulchre, and, in consequence of that, two distinct reports to the disciples; that Mary Magdalene, with the other Mary and Salome, set out not only early, but very early in the morning, λιαν [Strong's G3029], πρωι [Strong's G4404], i.e., before the time appointed to meet Joanna and the other women there. - Luk 24:10. This interpretation, which is adopted by several eminent writers, is very probable, and reconciles the apparent discrepancy in the evangelists. Mat 28:1, Luk 24:1, Joh 20:1 Reciprocal: Dan 6:19 - General Luk 24:4 - two men 1Co 15:4 - he rose