Numbers 7:17
peace: Lev 3:1-17, 2Co 5:19-21 this was the offering: It is worthy of remark, that the different tribes are represented here as bringing their offerings precisely in the same order in which they encamped about the tabernacle - see Num 2:1, and Num 10:1, beginning at the East, then proceeding to the South, then to the West, and ending with the North, according to the course of the sun. Their order may be thus viewed: Encampment / Offerings EAST 1. Judah - Nahshon 2. Issachar - Nathaneel 3. Zebulun - Eliab SOUTH 4. Reuben - Elizur 5. Simeon - Shelumiel 6. Gad - Eliasaph WEST 7. Ephraim - Elishama 8. Manasseh - Gamaliel 9. Benjamin - Abidan NORTH 10. Dan - Ahiezer 11. Asher - Pagiel 12. Naphtali - Ahira Thus God evinces that he "is not the author of confusion, but of peace" - 1Co 14:33. It is also worthy of remark, that every tribe offers the same kind of offering, and in the same quantity, to shew, that as every tribe was equally indebted to God for its support, so each should testify an equal sense of obligation. Besides, the vessels were all sacrificial vessels, and the animals were all clean animals, such as were proper for sacrifices; and therefore everything was intended to point out, that the people were to be a holy people, fully dedicated to God, and that God was to dwell among them. Thus, as the priests, altar, etc. were anointed, and the tabernacle dedicated, so the people, by this offering, became consecrated to God. Therefore every act here was a religious act. Reciprocal: Num 2:3 - Nahshon 1Ch 2:10 - Nahshon Mat 1:4 - Naasson