Numbers 31:50
therefore brought: The officers of the army having mustered their men, found they had not lost a man in the contest with Midian! Penetrated with gratitude for this most remarkable interposition of Providence in their favour, they now offer to Jehovah the golden jewels which they had found among the spoil, to the amount of 16,750 shekels, equal to,869, 16s. 5d. of our money. an oblation: Psa 107:15, Psa 107:21, Psa 107:22, Psa 116:12, Psa 116:17 gotten: Heb. found an atonement: Exo 30:12, Exo 30:15, Exo 30:16, Lev 17:11 Reciprocal: Exo 35:22 - bracelets 2Ch 15:11 - offered Pro 3:9 - General Son 1:10 - thy neck Isa 3:19 - the bracelets Eze 16:11 - General