Numbers 31:18
keep alive for yourselves: It has been groundlessly asserted, that Moses here authorised the Israelites to make concubines of the whole number of female children; and an insidious objection against his writings has been grounded upon this monstrous supposition. But the whole tenor of the law, and especially a statute recorded in Deu 21:10-14, proves most decisively to the contrary. They were merely permitted to possess them as female slaves, educating them in their families, and employing them as domestics; for the laws concerning fornication, concubinage, and marriage, were in full force, and prohibited an Israelite even from marrying a captive, without delays and previous formalities; and if he afterwards divorced her, he was to set here at liberty, "because he had humbled her." Lev 25:44, Deu 20:14, Deu 21:10-14, 2Ch 28:8-10, Isa 14:2 Reciprocal: Gen 24:16 - known Deu 20:13 - thou shalt smite Deu 21:11 - that Jdg 21:11 - every male