Numbers 31:17
kill every male: The sword of war should spare women and children, as incapable of resisting; but the sword of justice knows no distinction, except that of guilty or not guilty, or more or less guilty. This was the execution of a righteous sentence upon a guilty nation, in which the women were the greatest criminals; and it may safely be said, that their lives were forfeited by their personal transgressions. With respect to the execution of the male infants, who cannot be supposed to have been guilty, God, the author and supporter of life, who has a right to dispose of it when and how he thinks proper, commanded it; and "shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" Jdg 21:11, Jdg 21:12 him: Heb. a male Reciprocal: Gen 4:1 - knew Gen 24:16 - known Gen 34:25 - Simeon Gen 34:28 - General Num 31:32 - the booty Deu 20:13 - thou shalt smite 1Sa 15:3 - slay 1Ki 11:15 - every male