Numbers 21:26
Arnon: Arnon is a stream which takes its rise in the mountains of Moab, and, by a north-west course, during which it receives the waters of several streams, runs into the Dead sea. It is now called Wady Modjeb, and divides the province of Pelka from that of Kerek, as it formerly divided the kingdoms of the Moabites and Amorites. Its principal source is at a short distance to the north-east of Katrane, a station of the Syrian Hadj, where it is called Seyl Sayde; and lower down it receives the name of Esseim el Kereim, or Szefye. Num 21:26 Reciprocal: Num 32:3 - Heshbon Jos 13:25 - half Jos 21:39 - Heshbon Jer 48:20 - Arnon