Numbers 16:15
very wroth: Num 12:3, Exo 32:19, Mat 5:22, Mar 3:5, Eph 4:26 Respect: Num 16:6, Num 16:7, Gen 4:4, Gen 4:5, Isa 1:10-15 I have not: Though Moses was their ruler, under God, yet, so far from oppressing them, he had not imposed the smallest tax, nor taken, as a present, so much as an ass from one of them. The common present that is now made to the great, in these countries, is a horse; but there is reason to believe, that an ass might formerly have answered the same purpose. "If it is a visit of ceremony from a bashaw," says Dr. Russell, "or other person in power, a fine horse, sometimes with furniture, or some such valuable present, is made to him at his departure." As asses were esteemed no dishonourable beasts for the saddle, Sir. J. Chardin, in his manuscript, supposes, that when Samuel disclaimed having taken the ass of any one - 1Sa 12:3, he is to be understood of not having taken any ass for his riding. In the same light, he considers this similar declaration of Moses. His reason is "asses being then esteemed very honourable creatures for riding on - Num 22:21, Num 22:30, Jdg 5:10, 2Sa 16:2,as they are at this very time in Persia, being rode with saddles." 1Sa 12:3, 1Sa 12:4, Act 20:33, Act 20:34, 1Co 9:15, 2Co 1:12, 2Co 7:2, 2Co 12:14-17, 1Th 2:10 Reciprocal: Gen 31:36 - was wroth Exo 16:20 - and Moses Num 3:51 - Moses 1Sa 8:6 - prayed 2Sa 22:22 - I have kept 2Ki 13:19 - was wroth Neh 5:6 - General Neh 5:16 - neither bought Psa 99:7 - kept Isa 1:26 - And I will Isa 33:15 - shaketh Mic 3:11 - heads Rom 11:2 - how he maketh 1Co 13:5 - is not 2Co 12:18 - in the same steps 1Th 2:3 - General