Numbers 13:3
The wilderness of Paran, says Dr. Wells, seems to have been taken in a larger, and in a stricter sense. In the larger sense, it seems to have denoted all the desert and mountainous tract, lying between the wilderness of Shur westward, and mount Seir, or the land of Edom, eastward, the land of Canaan northward, and the Red sea southward. And in this sense, it seems to have comprehended the wilderness of Sin, and the wilderness of Sinai, also the adjoining tract wherein lay Kibroth-hattaavah and Hazeroth. In this sense it may be understood in Deu 1:19, where, by "that great and terrible wilderness," is intended the wilderness of Paran in its largest acceptation; for, in its stricter acceptation, it seems not to have been so great and terrible a wilderness; but is taken to denote more peculiarly that part of Arabia Petrea which lies between mount Sinai and Hazeroth west, and mount Seir east. Num 12:16, Num 32:8, Deu 1:19, Deu 1:23, Deu 9:23 Reciprocal: Gen 14:6 - Elparan Gen 21:21 - in the Num 10:12 - the wilderness Num 13:26 - unto the wilderness 1Sa 25:1 - the wilderness