Leviticus 25:21
I will: As it is here graciously promised, that the sixth year was to bring forth fruits for three years, not merely for two, it is evident that both the sabbatical year and the year of jubilee were distinctly provided for. They were not to sow from the sixth to the eighth year, omitting two seed times; nor reap from the sixth to the ninth, omitting two harvests. No legislator, unless conscious of being divinely commissioned, would have committed himself by enacting such a law as this; nor would any people have submitted to receive it, except in consequence of the fullest conviction that a divine authority had dictated it. It therefore stands as a proof that Moses acted by the express direction of the Almighty, and that the people were fully persuaded of the reality of his divine mission by the miracles he wrought. Gen 26:12, Gen 41:47, Exo 16:29, Deu 28:3, Deu 28:8, Psa 133:3, Pro 10:22, 2Co 9:10 three years: Lev 25:4, Lev 25:8-11 Reciprocal: Exo 16:5 - prepare Lev 26:4 - the land 2Ch 31:10 - the Lord Psa 42:8 - command Mat 6:33 - and all Luk 13:7 - three Heb 6:7 - receiveth