Leviticus 15:31
Thus shall: Lev 11:47, Lev 13:59, Num 5:3, Deu 24:8, Psa 66:18, Eze 44:23, Heb 10:29, Heb 12:14, Heb 12:15, Jud 1:4 that they: Lev 19:30, Lev 21:23, Num 5:3, Num 19:13, Num 19:20, Eze 5:11, Eze 23:38, Eze 44:5-7, Dan 9:27, 1Co 3:17, These laws were principally intended to impress the minds of the Israelites with reverence for the sanctuary; and, on the one hand, to shew them what need they had of circumspection, and purity of heart and life, in order to worship the holy God with acceptance; and, on the other hand, that being sinners in a world full of temptations and defilements, they would continually need forgiveness, through the great atonement typified by all the sacrifices, and the sanctification of the Spirit, showed forth by all the purifications. While they were encamped in the desert, it would not be very burdensome to bring the prescribed oblations; but after they were settled in Canaan, many of them at a great distance from the tabernacle, this would become much more difficult. We may, however, observe, continues Mr. Scott, that many of the cases stated only required such washings as might any where be performed, and that those, respecting which sacrifices were appointed, would more rarely occur. We may also suppose, that provided these were brought, when the person who had been unclean first came to the sanctuary, it would suffice: though distance or other hindrances prevented its being done immediately, at the expiration of the seven days. Reciprocal: Lev 22:2 - General 2Ch 30:19 - though he be not