Leviticus 15:2
unto the: Deu 4:7, Deu 4:8, Neh 9:13, Neh 9:14, Psa 78:5, Psa 147:19, Psa 147:20, Rom 3:2 when any man: It is not necessary to consider particularly the laws contained in this chapter, the letter of the text being in general sufficiently plain. It may, however, be observed, that from the pains which persons rendered unclean were obliged to take, the ablutions and separations which they must observe, and the privations to which they must in consequence be exposed, in the way of commerce, traffic, etc., these laws were admirably adapted to prevent contagion of every kind, by keeping the whole from the diseased, and to hinder licentious indulgences and excesses of every description. Lev 22:4, Num 5:2, 2Sa 3:29, Mat 9:20, Mar 5:25, Mar 7:20-23, Luk 8:43 running issue: or, running of the reins Reciprocal: Lev 7:20 - having Zec 13:1 - uncleanness