Ezekiel 48:15
a profane: Eze 22:26, Eze 42:20, Eze 44:23, Eze 45:6 for the city: The holy oblation of 25,000 square reeds, or near fifty square miles, was divided into three parts from north to south - see note on Eze 45:1, a portion on the north of 10,000 reeds in width, and 25,000 in length, for the priests, in the midst of which was the sanctuary or temple, surrounded by a wall 500 reeds square - Eze 48:9, Eze 48:10, see note on Eze 42:15, next to this another portion of the same dimensions for the Levites - Eze 48:13, Eze 48:14, and on the south another portion of the same length, but only 5,000 reeds in breadth, for the city - Eze 48:15. The city was situated in the midst of this portion, being 4,500 reeds, or about nine miles square - Eze 48:30, having a suburb of 250 reeds, or about half a mile, on each side - Eze 48:17, leaving 10,000 reeds or nearly ten miles, on the east side, and the same on the west side, for the profit of those who serve the city out of all the tribes - Eze 48:18, Eze 48:19. On the east and west sides of this square of 25,000 reeds, is the portion of the prince; each of which, estimating the breadth of the land at 150 miles, would form a square of fifty miles. Thus the whole plan of the division of the country, laying out of the city, temple, and all its appendages, is perfectly regular and uniform; and would therefore convey to the minds of the Jews the most complete idea they were capable of conceiving of the most perfect church, commonwealth, city, temple, and conveniences, on the largest and grandest scale for the Divine worship; and it doubtless ultimately points out the land of Immanuel, the city of the New Jerusalem, and his temple, the Christian church, the house of the living God. 1Ti 3:15 Reciprocal: Zec 2:2 - unto Rev 21:10 - that